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Have you ever been in that part of life where you are undecided how to move forward? It’s as if you are stuck in cement. I think we all come across times where we are unsure how to move forward, or we procrastinate on making choices. But, I also think there are times where some decisions are so big, that we stand in the intersection like a deer in headlights, unable to move. I’m there my friends, and let me reflect a bit.

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Back to Basics

I am a critical thinker. If I can think myself out or into something, I will in time. Most of the time, it leads me to not taking risks or being too conservative when I should take a jump. When it comes to development, I tend to over-analyze what I should focus on so much that my brain is fried and I don’t work on anything. I haven’t worked on anything development-oriented in quite some time, so recently I was able to have a critical thinking session and come to the realization that I put too much time in thinking about skills I don’t have yet and doing things like jQuery or Rails. If I am going to do this and do it right, I need to get back to basics.

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Re-Creating My Career

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I have worked in the web hosting industry for over five years. During this time, I have been involved in Linux-based technical support, customer service, management and sales. Over the span of this time, I have gained a great deal of knowledge with Linux systems, but never had the time to put it to use. In comes chapter 2 of this new life; re-creating my career.

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