Jon Edney - Blogger and WriterBack in high school, I enjoyed writing. It was the only subject aside from cinema and graphics that I excelled in. Something about being able to bring creativity to life in real time. Unlike photography, which is very dear to my heart, writing is something that can be manipulated instantly. I enjoy being able to take a broad idea, and just writing to see where it leads me.

My name is Jon, and I am a Dad of four amazing kids (three boys and a girl). In the summer of 2017, about six months after my divorce, I began Dad’s Awesome Life, a blog about being a Dad. By that fall, I became a single parent as I started having my kids full time. It was this that really lead to my desire to write again. I wanted to write about the journey, the challenges, the victories. I wanted to connect with others in a way that said: “it will all be okay”.

In late 2018, I started playing with the idea of actually writing, not just blogging. There has always been a lot I have wanted to say and as an introvert, it was easy and natural to be quiet and observe. It wasn’t until I read Stephen King’s “On Writing” that I decided to put a plan together. Not only to write more often but to write more meaningful when I did write.

What you’ll find on my blog is a wide range of topics from Christianity, depression and other mental health topics.