This policy is to inform you of the type of personal information collects and how it is processed and used, per US and EU Privacy Guidelines.

Personal Information Collected

Personal information collected on this website is used in the following capacity.

  • Contact Form – I ask for your name and email address on this form. This information is only used to respond to your inquiry and is not stored anywhere except for Google‘s servers since that is my email provider.
  • Comments – Comments on are handled via Disqus, and are indirectly subject to their terms and privacy policyGravatar will use your email address to associate a user picture in your comments if a Gravatar account exists for that email address.

Anonymous Information Collected

IP addresses of all visitors to this site are collected. These IP addresses are used in the following capacity:

  • Google Analytics – To identify where traffic is coming from
  • CloudFlare – To identify potential attack traffic and stop it
  • A2 Hosting – To log all website traffic and identify potential attack traffic and stop it

Additional anonymous information, such as web browser, screen resolution, operating system and device (PC or mobile) are collected through header information on your visit. This information is used by Google Analytics to help provide the best browsing experience possible.

Third-Party Links

There may be third-party links on this website for various reasons. Each third-party link is subject to their own privacy policy and terms. I cannot control how they handle your personal and anonymous information, and you understand that if you click on a third-party link that it is not subject to this privacy policy.

Disable Tracking

You can disable cookies through your browser settings if you wish to not have cookies stored for this website.

Disclaimer makes no warranties as to the accuracy of any privacy policies of third-party entities that information is shared with.

Affiliate Disclosure participates in the Amazon Associates Program, which provides a means to earn monetary compensation through advertising and linking to Amazon products. In no way will purposefully link to an Amazon product with the purpose to be compensated. Any Amazon link found on this site will reference a product that I recommend.


This privacy policy was last updated on January 30, 2019, and may be updated with or without notice at my discretion.


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